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Anomalous Color Vision

James Kundart, O.D., M.Ed., F.A.A.O.

For Optometry 662 at Pacific University College of Optometry

tritan Color for which deutans may mistake a green light
xanthopsia Outer retinal disease can result in this kind of color vision defect
redtint Most common type of color vision defect, consisting of 5% of the white male population
white Rebound chromatopsia following cataract extraction
deuteranomaly The common origin of a set of confusion lines on the CIE diagram
cyanopsia Color for which protrans may mistake a red light
cerebralachromatopsia True black-and-white color blindness with 20/20 acuity
black A patient who has four distinct cone photopigments
copunctalpoint Color vision defect caused by nuclear sclerotic cataracts
autosomaldominant Type of sunglass tint that makes rod monochromats most comfortable
confusionlines Type of inheritance for genetic tritan color vision defects
tetrachromat The basis of the crossovers on a color deficient patient's D-15 results

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