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Depth Perception

James Kundart, O.D., M.Ed., F.A.A.O.

For Optometry 662 at Pacific University College of Optometry

declination This effect may explain why the moon looks bigger on the horizon
current Resistance in a live human cell, should be 5 kohms or less for electrodiagnostics
biofeedback This visual illusion may be the basis of the corridor or hallway illusion
SOLI When accommodation plays little or no role, we judge distance from this effect
oscilloscope This part of the near triad gives us a binocular depth cue
bioimpedance Uses Gaussian principles to generate an electric field with a flowing current
clarity A high-voltage version of this can electrocute you if you open up a TV set, even if it's unplugged
capacitor Your brain can guess that the Grand Canyon is really deep by using this type of angle
diode In Los Angeles or any big city, distance can be judged by this principle because of intervening smog
transformer The variable valve of electronics, on which microchips are based
inductor Our assumption about light and shadows tells us that the usually come from this direction
mullerlyer Can be used to lower your blood pressure and diminish migraine headaches without medicine
electriceel Keeps your electrodiagnostic patients from getting a nasty shock
texture To trade current for voltage (or to turn a robot into an airplane), you need one of these
isolatedamplifier This creature has two-and-a-half times the voltage of an ERG, and over six times the wattage of the human body
convergence Software that plots voltage changes over time
above This visual illusion of lines that appear to be different lengths is probably explained by our experience with corners
ponzo Using the water works analogy, this electrical property is the equivalent to water flowing in a pipe
SILO The "check valve" of electronics
transistor How small tiles look at the far end of a long hallway is an example of judging depth by this monocular cue
parallax When we compare our own head motion with the motion of something closer to something farther away to determine distance, it is called this

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