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James Kundart, O.D., M.Ed., F.A.A.O.

For Optometry 662 at Pacific University

focal Takes 8 minutes or so to generate this on EOG testing
lightrise Eye disease in which the ERG is normal, but the EOG is not
pigmentepithelium Important piece of equipment (shown in class) needed for flash ERG
Mueller This type of peak is larger and slower to flash ERG
scotopic Takes 10-15 minutes to generate this on EOG testing
cornea This type of ERG can test for localized problems, like a macular scar
pattern In EOG. the part of the eye that is positively charged in the dark by 6 mV
darktrough Light rise divided by dark trough percentage on EOG
ganzfeld A connective cell that contributes to the standing potential of the eye
ardenratio A single layer of cells that contributes to the standing potential of the eye
vitteliformdystrophy This is the only type of ERG that tests the ganglion cells in the inner retina

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