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Normal and Abnormal Visual Perception

James Kundart, OD, MEd, FAAO

For Optometry 726, Pacific University College of Optometry, Forest Grove, Oregon, November 6, 2006

VisualCapture First-order motion example beset with an aperture problem
Thompson Attention filters not present in the Broadbent model
VisualZoom FDT perimetry relies on this order of motion
BarberPole Effect which depends upon saccadic and fixational facial scan paths
Preconscious A lateral inhibition effect involving the luminance channel of the cones
Canonical Distress can cause this effect on the spotlight model of attention
FusiformGyrus A lateral inhibition effect involving the color channel of the cones
First Proposed the "inflow theory" of neural integration, which would result in vertigo with saccades if it were true
Sherrington A lesion in this location of the visual association areas can cause a quadrantopia and face blindness
EmmertsLaw The Moon Illusion looks larger on the distant horizon, according to this theory
FlattenedSky Type of perspective with which objects are identified most readily
PhiMotion A constant retinal image and perceived size determine perceived distance
NeonColor Associating a noise with a silent moving target is called this
Helmholtz Changes in luminance from one retinal point to another results in perception of this order of motion
Second Proposed the "outflow theory" of neural integration, which results in no vertigo with saccades

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