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Philippine History and Geography

Thomas David

This is a list of 25 important facts, figures and personalities of Philippine history and geography.

Sierra Madre religious order expelled by the pope in the middle18th century
Acapulco the Chinese ghetto of Manila in the 17th and 18th centuries
Balintawak ousted Marcos in popular revolt in 1986
Guam the central backbone of northern Luzon
Lapulapu Boholano rebel aginst Spain
Claveria the eastern backbone of Luzon
Marcos decalred that Filipinos must take on Spanish surnames
Cordillera the largest island
Intramuros the monopoly crop developed uder the Basco governorship
Parian founded the Spanish city of Manila out of a Muslim settlement
Aquino the Spaniards called them the "little black ones"
Luzon center of the powerful sultanate who controlled southern maritime trade
Homonhon the walled city
Yami northernmost island
Aguinaldo declared martial law in 1972
Cebu Puerto Rico, the Philippines and this island were ceded to the US in 1898
Jesuit first president
tobacco the first city founded by the Spaniards
Negritos the Mexican port visited by the Manila galleons
Mindanao the first Philippine island accidentally visited by Magellan
Dagohoy second largest island
Legazpi Cebuano chieftain who killed Magellan
Sulu site of the famous "cry" against the Spaniards

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