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AC Electric Motors

Peter Bird

No description

BLI Formula used to calculate force on a conductor
Slip This type of rotor is used to produce high starting torque
Frictional Make contact with the slip-rings
Efficiency Rule which can be used to determine direction of magnetic flux
Torque Rotor windings are connected to these
Windage Name of losses in winding due to electrical resistance
Induction Names given to the ends of a magnet
Newtons Name given to the stationary component which contains the windings
Copper This is considered to issue from ends of a magnet
Centrifugal Name given to the rotational part of the motor
Stator Difference between rotor speed and stator rotating field
Iron Name of losses due to cooling fan and parts rotaing in air
Flux Process of producing a voltage in an electrically seperate winding
Cage Type of switch used in single phase motor
Poles Most common type of 3 pahse motor
Slip-Ring Causes movement of conductor
Brushes Name of losses due to drah of bearings
Carbon Force on the conductor is measured in this
Synchronous Speed of stator rotating magnetic field
Rotor Name of magnetic losses in motor
RPM Brushes are made from this material
Wound Relationship between input and output power
Corkscrew Speed of rotation is measured in this

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