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Control of AC Electric Motors

Peter Bird

No description

Emergency Some starters may have additional start/stops
Contactor Method of starting large motors
Heat Semi-conductor device embedded in motor windings
DOL Device found in starter to protect motor
Oil Device fitted in 3 phase starter to prevent cross-connection of supply
Starter Name of condition resulting from loss of one phase of the supply
No-volt-release Type of overload
Overload Device found in starter
By-metal Some starters may have these stop devices connected
Auxiliary Thermal overloads are made from this type of metal
Interlock Device used to control motor
Autotransformer Additional contacts for alarm indications
Single-phasing Most starters are designed to reduce this at start-up
Current Direct-On-Line starter
Star-Delta Device in starter to prevent automatic restarting
Time-delay Method of strating large motors
Magnetic Condition produce in motor current flow
Thermal Fluid used in some type of overload devices
Remote Type of overload
Thermister Overloads automatically provide this

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