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J. Pearson

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induction opposite charges
electricallypolarized neutral atom
coulomb charging an object without direct contact
CoulombsLaw an atom or molecule is induced to be slightly more postive or negative than the opposite side
grounding electricity at rest
repel a material that has near infinite conductivity at low temperatures
superconductors electrons are neither created nor destroyed
conservationofcharge SI unit of charge
electron negative charge
proton a material, usually a metal, through which electric charge can flow
zeronetcharge a material that is a poor conductor
electrical forces a force one electric charge exerts on another
electrostatics positive charge
conductors like charges
charge electric charge that has been redistributed on an object due to the presence of a nearby charged object
induced allowing charges to move freely along a connection between a conductor and the gound
semiconductors for charged particles that are small compared to the distance between them, the force between the charges varies directly as the product of the charges and inversely as the square of the distance between them
ion protons and neutrons
attract the property to which the mutual repulsion of electrons or protons is attributed
insulators an atom that has gained or lost electrons
nucleus a material that can be made to act as a conductor or insulator

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