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Energy Crossword

David Purser

A Crossword thats all about the different forms of Energy!

Transfer The name of an object that reduces the passage of heat, electricity, or sound.
Solid A form of energy which we recieve through our ears.
Thermometer The state of matter where the molecules are further apart.
Conduction Nuclear Poweplants use this form of energy to generate electricity.
Heat The state of matter where the molecules are closest together.
Radiation Energy is the ability to do...
Sound The form of energy which keeps everything on the ground.
Electrical Something that is produced when energy is tranformed, it keeps us warm.
Spring The word used to describe the process when energy changes its form.
Vibration The form of energy which the sun releases.
Kinetic The name given to energy which is being used.
Gas Wind turbines harness this form of energy.
Conductor The word used to describe the process when energy moves from one object to another.
Stored The name of an object which conducts heat or electricity.
Transformation An object which animals consume and contains chemical energy.
Chemical The form of energy which involves water.
Gravitational The form of energy that is movement.
Solar A word used to describe Heat, Sound, Light, Kinetic.....
Liquid The form of enrgy used to propell the arrow in a bow and arrow.
Work Something that the molecules in a solid are constantly doing.
Wind This form of energy includes unleaded petrol and diesel.
FossilFuel The name given to energy which is'nt being used.
Potential The passage of energy through something.
Food A form of energy which we recieve through our eyes.
Light The word used to describe the cycle of hot and cold gas
Convection The form of energy which everything has. Begins with a "P"
Hydro The emission of energy in the form of waves.
Insulator The word to describe all forms of study.
Science An object which measures temperature.
Energy The state of matter which is inbetween Solid and Gas.
Nuclear The form of energy used to power digital devices like radios.
Released A form of energy found in food.

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