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Heat and Temperature

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Vocabulary words and concepts from chapter 10

radiation a device that measures temperature
constant the temperature scale that has no negative values
liquid substances that are poor conductors of heat
condensation the temperature of a substance undergoing a phase change is ___________
kelvin weather is an example of ________________
stops the transfer of energy from a higher temperature object to a lower temperature object
solid water freezes at zero degrees _________
thermometer the changing of a gas to a liquid
conduction zero on the Kelvin scale
expand the lowest energy state of matter
absolutezero the changing of a solid to a liquid
slower as a substance heats up, the particles start to move _______
farapart the changing of a liquid to a gas
insulators solids that are good conductors of heat
freezing the measure of the kinetic energy of the particles inside a substance
hottocold the changing of a liquid to a solid
faster when objects (especially fluids) heat up the _________
gas heat transfer using waves
temperature the lower the temperature of a substance the ________ the particles are moving
fluids the middle energy state of matter
convection gases are good insulators because their molecules are _____
boiling all molecular motion ________ at absolute zero
heat heat energy always moves from______ __ ______
metals gases and liquids, but not solids, are both ________
specificheat the highest energy state of matter
celsius heat transfer using direct contact between substances
melting the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kg by 1 deg C

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