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Kat Romanyuk

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iris The image formed when light rays converge.
pupil Curved inward.
focus What carries an image from the eye to the brain.
retina The bending of light rays.
beam The inner layer of the eye.
image Able to see objects better up close.
convex To make an image clear.
converge The transparent body in the eye.
refraction To bounce of a surface.
concave The reproduction of an object.
lens The white of the eye.
cornea A group of light rays.
sclera To spread apart.
diverge The colored ring in the eye.
variable The blind spot in the eye.
optic disk Able to see objects better from a distance.
nearsighted Curved outward.
reflect An explanation used as the base for an experiment.
real image An observable quantity that could change.
hypothesis The opening in the eye.
optic nerve Outer surface of the eye.
farsighted To come together.

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