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Mr. Wright - Physics

Reviews the terms associated with 1-D motion and motion graphs along with a few simple problems.

instantaneous velocity To determine displacement from a velocity-time graph you calculate the ____________ under the line.
path Shape of the line on a position-time graph when acceleration occurs.
kilometers The most commonly used frame of Reference.
seventy You would measure the distance from kansas City to St. Louis in ____________.
curved You jogged 300 m south then 120 m north in 1.5 minutes. Your average velocity was ______ m/s [south].
instantaneous speed A car goes from 0 m/s to 60 m/s in 20 sec. It's average acceleration was ______ m/s/s
velocity What the slope on a velocity-time graph represents.
constant All Motion is _______________ to some reference.
surface of earth A measure of how far and in what direction you are from the starting point as measured as a straight line.
distance Length of the total path taken.
positive A graph that shows an objects position as it is related to time.
direction The zero point for your system, what you make your measurements from.
velocity A car travels 40 km in 30 minutes. It's average speed was ______ km/hr.
displacement The velocity of an object at a particular instant in time.
reference point On a position-time graph the slope of the line tells you the ____________ of the object.
relative A truck traveling at 35 m/sec accelerates at 2.5 m/s for 14 sec. What is it's final velocity?
started For your total displacement to be zero you must end up back where you ____________.
acceleration A quantity that consists of a magnitude or amount only.
speed A dimension in which events happen in sequence.
eighty The speed of an object at a particular instant in time.
straight For the displacement and distance traveled to be the same the ____________ taken must be straight.
two Setting your car's cruse control allows you to go at a ____________ speed.
slope Rise over run.
three The rate at which something is moving.
slowing A quantity that has a magnitude and direction of action.
six Results when acceleration is at an angle to the direction of motion.
vector Speed is always ____________ .
time Results when direction of acceleration is opposite that of motion.
velocity-time graph Velocity always has this.
changes direction The ratio of an objects displacement to the time it takes to be displaced.
position-time graph A system of objects that are not moving with respect with each other.
acceleration The rate at which an objects velocity changes
scalar On a position-time graph a ____________ line indicates constant velocity.
frame of reference How long does it take a car traveling at 60 miles/hr to travel 240 miles.
area A graph that shows how velocity is related to time.
speeds up An object with negative velocity experiences neagtive acceleration?

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