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jayford bolando

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vector study of day-to-day phenomena.
energy traditional topics on physics.
modern a process to determine the accuracy, uncertainty and pricision of a measuring instrument.
tension is equivalent to the smllest division found in the measuring instrument.
motion is a vector quantity, which refers to "how far out of place an object is"? it is the objects overall chage in position.
efficiency study of sounds.
physics it is the force(F) applied by one object to another object within a given time interval.
precision a force that is present in ropes, strings, cables and other similar materials.
friction is opposite of percentage of uncerainty.
speed is a quantitative description of a fundamental property or physical phenomena.
classical topic beyond 20th century.
work measure of one's motion, equivalent to the pruduct of one's mass and velocity.
uncertainty is equivalent to plus or minusone-half (1/2) of the smallest division on measuring instrument.
acceleration define as a continuous change of position with respect to a certain reference point.
forces it is the rate of doing work.
distance define as the rate of change of velocity.
torque is the SI unit for time.
scalar a quantity represented not just by its magnitude, but also its direction.
optics study of light and vision.
second is the scalar product of the force acting on an object and the displacement caused by that force.
impulse it is apush or a pull exerted on an object.
acoustics a quantity represented only by its magnitude.
momentum measures how much of the work you put in gets to the load.
displacement the effect of a force at a certain distance from the point of ratationor pivot pint.
measurements it is the ability to do work.
kelvin s a scalar quantity, which refers to "how much grund an object has covered"? during its motion.
metre the SI base unit.
calibration is a scalar quantity, which refers to "how fast an objectis movin"?.
accuracy a force that works against the directionof a given force, and thus impedes all motion.
power the SI unit of temperature.

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