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Physics - Wave Introduction


Use the info on waves in one of your textbooks

elastic produced by a regularly repeated disturbance
perpendicular infared radiation from the sun
amplitude pebble dropped in a pond causes this
Hertz The point of maximum positive displacement
energy a cycle per second
pulse if you halve the frequency, this happens to the period
parallel wave in which the displacement of the medium is parallel to the propagation
propagates the loudness of a soundwave is determined by this
crest A wave moves, or ...., through a space
periodicwave The direction of propagation to vibration in a transverse wave
longitudinal the reduction in amplitude due to dissipation
inphase particles that have the same displacement and are moving the same way
doubles A single, nonrepeated disturbance
rarefaction a medium that behaves as if it were an array of particles connected by springs
damping All waves transport ......
electromagneticperiodic An area where particles of matter are farther apart than at equilibrium
mechanicalpulse The direction of propagation to vibration in a longitudinal wave

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