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Solid Terms

Michael Reitzer

No description

Machines anything which occupies space, has substance, and under ordinary conditions
Pulley the force we apply to a machine
Resistance the rate of doing work
Power the english measurement for weight
Matter the energy of motion
Solid the amount of space a substance occupies
Fulcrum the metruc unit for weight
Distance the pivot point upon which the beam rests
Adhesion the distance covered by a moving object in a unit of time
Physics devises for doing work
Atom a measurement to determine how far something has moved
Effort a definite shape and occupies a definite amount of space
Resistance arm the ability to do work
Velocity a quantity of matter
Lever a measurement of the pull of gravity upon an object
Potential the attraction which allows molecules of a different kind of matter to stick together
Joule the movement of an object by a force
Pound the metric unit of work and energy
Wedge a sloping platform that enables anything to move to a higher position
Newton one of the versatile of a simple machine
Inertia a measurement to determine an object's motion
Kinetic the attraction that allows molecules of th same kind of matter to stick together
Cohesion stored up energy
Mass the mass per unit volume of a substance
Foot-pound the resistance caused by moving one object against another
Energy the resistance is moved at the other end
Force the most basic unit of a substance
Work the pushing or pulling action of one object upon another
Speed the tendency of matter to stay at rest if at rest, or to continue moving at a constant velocity in motion
Inclined plane a simple machine consisting of a grooved wheel
Effot arm the english unit of work and energy
Density a special kind of inclined plane that modifies force and changes its direction to the sides
Weight the study of matter and energy
Friction th force the machine helps us overcome
Volume the effort is applied at one end

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