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current unit obtained by dividing henry by ohm
parallel the flow of heat from molecule to molecule in a medium
watt the ratio of the difference in temperature to the length of a heat conductor is called temperature ___
Maxwell He unified the four laws of electricity and magnetism
weber the measure of chaos in a system
magnetomotive non - existent magnet
sublimation His laws are used for parallel circuits having different emfs
shear ___ force which is NOT a force
conduction materials which can not be magnetized
absolutezero the amount of heat needed to change the temperature of a gram of water by one celsius degree
diamagnetic the AC equivalent of resistance
perpendicular __ modulus is used for a material with shape deformation
efficiency measures the opposition to magnetic flux
impedance the temperature at which the three phases of matter co - exist with each other
calorimetry operationally defined as the work per unit charge
zero unattainable according to the third law of thermodynamics
volume opposition to the flow of charge
phasor the space occupied by a substance
refrigerator transfers heat from a colder to a hotter region
permittivity measure of a material's ability to allow magnetic field lines through it
series the study of electric charges at rest
convection ___ force is the other name given to induced emf
triplepoint the direct change of a solid to gas
electromagnetic the study of heat energy involved in mixtures
radiation the unit used for magnetic field
electron a measure of the ability of a material to establish electric field
mho its deficiency makes an object positively charged
capacitor materials which are easily magnetized
poles the kind of field set up by a moving electric charge
tesla results from the dot product of a vector field and area
isochoric a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules
ferromagnetic the heat transfer that occurs in an oven
electrostatics the circuit element that resists the change in current
entropy the kind of connection that provides only one path for the current
electromotive the first unit used for the reciprocal of resistance
isobaric a rotating vector
Avogadro term used to describe the ends of a magnet
heat particles that make an atom heavier
proton the orientation of two vectors to give maximum dot product
flux the electric counterpart of the spring in a mechanical oscillating system
permeability He is credited for the number os molecules in a mole of any substance
temperature the phase angle in an AC circuit in resonance
monopole the positive particles of an atom
Kirchhoff the heat process where the heat energy remains constant
inductor its magnetic field is identical with that of a magnet
reluctance the reaction of a capacitor or inductor to alternating current
adiabatic the SI unit of heat current
coulomb the process never do work
second the reciprocal of resistance
resistance the SI unit of conductance
gradient the SI unit of capacitance
farad this heat process requires the greatest heat enegy fro the smae temperature change
solenoid the standard unit of charge
potential process by which heat is transfered by electromagnetic waves
siemen its value is always less than one.
neutron the rate at which charges flow past a point
resonance the condition at which a series LRC circuit has its minimum impedance
reactance velocity and magnetic field orientation that will give the maximum magnetic force
calorie energy in transit
conductance the SI unit of magnetic flux

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