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Peter Bird

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Turns Type of safety transformer
Mutual Name given to the inductance between two coils
Coil Load is connected to this winding
Hysteresis Output voltage greater than input voltage
Alternating Name given to the number of coils on the winding
Flux Process by which all transformers work
Leakage Magnetic loss in transformer caused by core material
Primary Winding to which the supply is connected is sometimes known by this name
Laminations Current flowing in the windings produce this
Varnish Flows in the windings when load connected
Eddy Name given to primary and secondary conductors
Current Type of loss reduced by laminations
Shell Metal structure on which the windings are wound
emf Transformers will only work on this type of supply
Limb Name given to the circuit connected to the secondary winding
Core Name given to the magnetic losses
Windings Part of transformer on which the windings are wound
Iron Name given to winding connected to the supply
Secondary These occur in all transformers and all machines
Efficient Type of transformer construction
Stepup Name given to losing some of the magnetic flux
Losses Another name for voltage
Heat Name given to several loops of wire
Regulation Output voltage less than input voltage
Load Winding to which load is connected is sometimes know by this name
Input Type of insulation on the windings
Induction Most transformers are known as this type
Stepdown All transformers have to be provided with some form of this
Voltage Percentage difference between no load
Isolation Core is made up of thin slices of steel known as
Output No machine is 100% of this
Cooling Links both windings

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