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Ms. Scherben

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pitch Material through which a wave travels
vacuum A disturbance that moves energy through matter and space
mircrowave when the energy of a photon in an electromagnetic wave is taken up by matter
absorption Number of waves that pass a point in a certain amount of time
amplitude a type of wave that refracrs, reflects and is absorbed by different colors
laser a type of wave used to detect broken bones
light how tall a wave is
neuroscience travels best through a soild but cannot travel through a vacuum
white The bending of light at the boundary between two mediums
sound different type of waves that can travel through space
tsunami the color that reflects all colors
photon when __________ increases the energy of the wave decreases; how long a wave is
diffraction waves that can only travel through a medium.
refraction empty space
wave Waves transport energy but not ____________________.
electromagnetic the bouncing back of a wave after it strikes a barrier or an object
mechanical a device that produces intense light of only one wavelength and color
wavelength used to cook food
matter causes sunburns
ultraviolet light a particle of light; packets of energy
frequency the color that absorbs all colors
xray A very large and powerful wave
reflection The branch of science that studies the brain.
moon a property of sound that changes with frequency
medium The bending of waves around a barrier or through an opening
black orbits around the earth and reflects the sun's light

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