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medium lowest point of a wave
frequency when an object causes a wave to change direction
soundwave another name for a longitudinal wave
transverse light that bounces back from an object
amplitude example of a transverse wave
rarefaction bending of light waves
trough key word for this is tuning fork
polarized measure of energy a wave carries
wave ___________ frequency = shorter wavelength
oceanwave distance from any part of one wave to its corresponding point on the next wave
longer this wave moves in a snakelike fashion
reflection these waves can travel through empty space
higher matter that carries a wave
wavelength ____________ waves are vibrations that move back and forth in one plane
velocity disturbance that carries energy
diffraction part of the wave where particles are far apart
refraction lower frequency = __________ wavelength
electromagnetic example of a longitudinal wave
resonance highest point of a wave
crest ____________ of a wave = frequency x wavelength
compression number of wavelengths that pass by a point in space each second

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