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Rhythm and Meter

Abe Chang, Lane Erickson, Kendall Townsend

Rhythm and Meter crossword puzzle!

anacrusis Another sort of poetry that depends entirely on ordinary prose rhythms
foot What was the whole presentation about? (Hint: Topic)
grammaticalandrhetoricalpauses The poetic line is the basic unit in ____ _____
rhythm In speech, this is used to make our intentions clear.
substitution This term refers to any wavelike recurrence of motion or sound.
rhetoricalstresses Counts only the number of syllables per line regardless of accents.
run-online One or more syllables that are a_________; that is, given more prominence in pronunciation than the rest.
PerrinesSoundandSense Is one in which the sense of the line hurries on into the next line. (2-3 words)
blankverse Is one in which the end of the line corresponds with a natural speech pause. (2-3 wordss)
freeverse The title of the literature book that this worksheet is based off of.
syllabicverse A term that every student of poetry should know (and should be careful not to confuse with free verse) is _____ _____. This term has a very specific meter: it is iambic pentameter, unrimed.
metricalvariations Replacing regular foot with another one.
meter Is the identifying characteristic of rhythmic language that we can tap our feet to.
end-stoppedline Added at the beginnings or endings of lines. (2-3 words)
prosepoem Pauses that occur in the middle of lines, either grammatical or rhetorical . Are used
extra-metricalsyllables Call attention to some of the sounds because they depart from what is regular.
caesuras The omission of an unaccented syllable at the beginning of a line.
RhythmandMeter Variation can be introduced by ___________ and ___________ _________, whether or not signaled by punctuation (Punctuation pauses are usually of longer duration than those occasioned only by syntax and rhetoric, and pauses for periods are longer than those for commas.)
stanza The third unit of measurement, consists of a group of lines whose metrical pattern is repeated throughout the poem.
accented One basic unit of meter, consists normally of one accented syllable plus one or two unaccented syllables, though occasionally there may be no unaccented syllables.

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