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romeo and juliet vocabulary

sophia nazario

No description

swashing mood
crowkeeper tiring journey
benefice private room
presage slashing with great force
hare scarecrow
hoodwinked control
government listen to
orisons morally loose woman
strange sheath
skainsmates blindfolded
humor foretell
proof herb that stands for rememberance
bound lucky
hoar prayers
jointure aloof or cold
office wooden plate
searchers loose women
collar health officers
trencher status
dignity church office that enabled a minister to make a living
rind duity
beshrew cousin or other relative
rosemary shame on
happy property passed on to a woman after her husband dies
closet pledged to keep the peace
house hangman's noose
jaunce outer covering
coz private thoughts
wot armored
councel gray with mold
mark value

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