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The Odyssey


Characters and Places of the Odyssey

Polyphemus One of Odysseus' officers that persuades the men to kill Helios' cattle
Hermes A tribe of gigantic cannibals that eat all of Odysseus' men except one ship
Aeaea A Thracian tribe whose city was raided by Odysseus and his men after leaving Troy
Telemachus King of Ithaca and hero in Homer's The Odyssey
Poseidon Whirlpool thats suck the water down three times a day
Athena The island home of the enchantress Circe
Charybdis The King of the Gods
Anticleia A one-eyed Cyclops and son of Poseidon
Antinous The faithful dog of Odysseus who recognizes him and dies
Zeus The sea nymph who keeps Odysseus captive for seven years
Argos The island home of Aeolus
Calypso The faithful wife of Odysseus
Syclla Wind God that gave Odysseus a bag of winds to try to help him back to Ithaca, but it did not work
Laertes The faithful swineherd of Odysseus
Ithaca The ring-leader of the suitors and the first killed by Odysseus
Aeolus Island home of the sea nymph Calypso
Eurycleia The King of the Phaeacians
Sirens The son of Odysseus and Penelope
Aeolia The enchantress who transforms Odysseus' men into swine
Eurylochus The home of Odysseus
Ogygia Odysseus' nurse that notices him by a scar on his leg
Hades A sea monster with six heads, twelve tentacles, and three rows of teeth
Cicones The father of Odysseus
Penelope The Messenger God
Odysseus The blind prophet Odysseus goes to meet in the Land of the Dead
Laestrygonians The mother of Odysseus
Alcinous Goddess of Wisdom that helps Odysseus through his journey
Circe Women with beautiful voices that cause passing sailors to wreck
Tiresias The Land of the Dead
Eumaeus The God of the Sea that makes Odysseus' journey home hard

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