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current events and politics - Jan 25th, 2006

DJ Entropy

No description

clinton 40% of all christians in the us are this
northkorea communist country with 1/5 of the world's population
jesus where the us almost captured osama bin laden
liberal co-hosts a show with Alan Colmes (last name)
arnold current president (last name)
janewyman kim jong il is the leader of this communist nation
clark mayor ray nagin said new orleans would become this
hannity category 1-5
pepsico bill that requires a 10-day waiting period to buy a gun
alito wrote "give me a break" (last name)
dianne jewish nation
primary forer FEMA director that stepped down after Katrina (last name)
israel president of the united states (abbr)
newhampshire former leader of Iraq (first name)
adamsmith 87% of americans believe in this
binladen name of the appeals court that covers CA
ohio led the republican revolution in 94 (full name)
reagan supreme court of the united states (abbr)
scotus recent film embraced by christians in america
brown extremist liberal female senator from CA (first name)
china general that ran as a democrat in 2004 (last name)
newtgingrich produced "the passion of the christ" (last name)
cheney was ousted as governor of CA (full name)
anncoulter john kerry's running mate in 2004 (last name)
johnroberts was responsible for the nuclear football under clinton (last name)
taliban action movie star turned governor of CA (first name)
noonan jeb bush governs this state
laura wrote "wealth of nations" (full name)
potus former presidential speech writer that served under Reagan (last name)
foxnews wrote "south park conservatives" (last name)
graydavis former terrorist government of afghanistan
nuclearoption current chief justice of the supreme court (full name)
gibson senator that killed mary jo (last name)
bush state that kerry lost in 2004, costing him the election
hurricane senator from NY rumored to be the democratic hopeful in 2008 (last name)
ninthcircuit "war on ______"
florida "live free or die" is this state's motto
drudge NH has the first every four years; presidential
stossel us president from 81-89 (last name)
fuckoff ronnie's first wife (full name)
rice getting 51 senate votes to override a filibuster
algore proponent of big government and moral relativism
chocolatecity capital of Iraq
evangelical was behind the 9/11 attacks (last name)
baghdad cheney said this in congress
terror "fair and balanced"
anderson dubya's wife (first name)
brady limits government
morris nominated to replace justice o'connor (last name)
norma united states of america (abbr)
edwards he claims to have invented the internet (full name)
torabora current vice-president (last name)
kansas jane roe's real name (first name)
billofrights attempted to assassinate reagan (last name)
hinckley ceo of this company made an anti-bush speech at a college graduation in 2005
saddam He died for our sins (first name)
god current secretary of state (last name)
narnia wrote slander (full name)
kennedy brown vs board of education happened here
usa reporter who broke the lewinsky scandal (last name)

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