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Defining Terrorism

Professor Supplee

Complete the puzzle using terms from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the text for our course.

combatant Thousands of people executed using the guillotine during this period
hate crime Those who engage in armed conflict as military members
indiscriminate force Motivated by belief that an otherwordly power has commanded violence
terrorist The 3rd largest federal agency in the US
zealots Correct behavior while waging war
international terrorism Bias motivated crime
terrorrism Civilians
al qaeda Terrorism from below
anaylst Terrorist group responsible for 9/11
state terrorism Said: "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice"
ltte Islamic Resistance Movement
mala prohibita Collateral damage of a conflict
reign of terror From the greek word meaning strong spirit
crucifixtion Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
target Usually symbolic
provos An ideal and moralistic philosophy
freeedom fighter Took place on the 220th anniversery of the Lexington and Concord battles
department of homeland security Members of politcally violent organizations often call themselves this
discriminate force Prior to this date the last time so many people died on US soil was during the Civil War
jus ad bellum Crimes that are immoral or wrong in themselves
extremism Crimes that are made illegal by legislation
september 11 2001 Motivated by sheer profit
criminal terrorism A form of public execution
onlooker Takes place on the world stage
hamas Generally refer to terrorists as freedom fighters
mala in se If properly carried out delivers symbolic messages to the target audience
oklahoma city bombing Terrorism is not synonymous with
Guerrilla Warfare Provisional Irish Republican Army
supporter Interpreter of the terrorist incident
Barry Goldwater Perpetrators of a politically violent incident
just war doctrine The primary catalyst for terrorist behavior
jus in bello Terrorism from above
noncombatant No attempt to limit the level of force against a target
victim Broad audience to terrorist incident
propaganda by the deed A more surgical use of limited force
religious terrorism Correct conditions for waging war in the first place
dissident terrorism Politically motivated violence with over 100 formal definitions

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