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Greek Philosophers

The Calculus Dragon

Test your knowledge of the Ancient Greeks and their ideas!

Plato Socrates subscribed to this school of thought
Philosopher Action under some influence
Materialism Aristotle's great work, _____ Ethics
Polytheism Proposed that everything is made from water
Pantheism Plato viewed the world as a _____ on one's spiritual journey
Distraction God is the sum total of all things that exist
Socratic I am the AGENT of my own action
Sophists Greatest president of the 20th century
Reagan Duty (Buddhism)
Voluntary This method of education holds that the teacher's job is draw knowledge out of the student
Crito World maintained by many gods working in concert or competition
Thales Overconfidence
Socrates Tries to get Socrates to escape from prison
Cave Creation is an emanation from God
Pragmatism Remembering the soul's previous life in the upper world
Morals There's a lot of _____ when determining responsibility for an action
Athens Overcom and discipline the desire for pleasure
Square World maintained by struggle between good and evil
Dualism Soul (Buddhism)
Courage Ethics God
Self-Control Most famous student of Socrates
Syllogism Socrates codemned for Corruption of _____
Youth Perfect source of all things
Karma Simile for the Material World
Cowardice Goal of Aristotle's philosophy was to separate humanity from the _____
Peripatetic Killed by drinking Hemlock
Atman Giving into fear at all times
Recklessness Aristotle's God is Pure _____
Panentheism A philosophy maintaining that the only things that exist are those that can be understood from sense experience
Aristotle A philosophy maintaining that the practical outcome of an action is the primary concern
Idealism The teacher who walks while he talks
Aristotelian Transmigration of Souls
Overlap This method of education holds that the teacher KNOWS and the student DOES NOT
Animals Doing the good one ought to do in accordance with reason
Ethics These men used logic to accomplish whatever goals they set
Anemnesis The _____ of Oppositions
Thought Overcomes the dominating influence of Fear
Demiurge The state in which Socrates lived
Involuntary A->B, B->C; A->C
Nichomachean Only person worthy to lead a state according to Socrates
Dharma In favor of empirical study

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