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Democratic Institutions in Canada and the United States


Key terms from Ideologies Case Study 1

separationofpowers a political system under which legislative and administratvie powers are divided between national and regional governments (2 wds)
residualpowers a system of government in which the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government are constitutionally vested with the right to check one another's actions in order to prevent a concentration of power (3 wds)
coalitiongovernment a government in which no one party has a majority of the seats in the legislature (2 wds)
unitarysystem a national representative body having supreme legislative powers within the state; the national legislature of various countries
Parliament most important group within the House of Commons, consisting of the prime minister and the heads of government departments such as finance, health care, national defence, etc.
HouseofRepresentatives a legal document that outlines the basic rules for government and assigns different functions to each governing body of a country
Congress a political system under which all geographic regions are governed directly by the central government (2 wds)
Senate a government that stays in power by combining with another political party or parties to form a majority (2 wds)
constitution a legislature that consists of two houses of parliament (2 wds)
minoritygovernment a political system in which the executive, legislative, and judical powers of government are distinctly divided (3 wds)
parliamentarymonarchy a political system in which the head of state is a non-hereditary official, usually a president
notwithstandingclause a system of parliamentary government in which the executive functions at the will of the legislative body (2 wds)
bicamerallegislature name for the elected and effective legislative body in Canada's parliamentary system of government (3 wds)
responsiblegovernment a political system in which the head of state is a king or queen, but political power resides in an elected parliament (2 wds)
republic part of the Canadian Charter of Rights which allows governments to disregard the Charter in certain instances (2 wds)
HouseofCommons name for the upper chamber in both the U.S. and Canadian systems of government; the U.S. chamber is elected whereas Canada's is not
Cabinet the highest court of appeal; the final authority in the interpretation of laws (2 wds)
SupremeCourt authority to make laws in areas that were not specifically assigned to either level of government in the consitution of a federal system; in Canada these powers are given to the federal government, whereas in the U.S. these powers are given to individual states (2 wds)
federalsystem lower house of Congress (3 wds)
checksandbalances another name for the combined houses--Senate, House of Representatives--of the U.S. government

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