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Parliament House Crossword


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Three How much time is set aside for Question Time each sitting day?
TheOpposition Who is the State Member of Ferny Grove?
SergeantatArms How many Queensland gemstones are on the Mace?
RulesandOrders How many years is the Parliamentarty term?
Legal Who is the Queen's representative?
Onehour The bill has to recieve what before it can become a law?
GeoffWilson How many times does the bells ring for all Members of Parliment to come to Chamber?
RoyalAssent How many minutes do the Members of Parliament have to appear in the Chamber after Division Bells are rung by a Table Officer?
Eighty-nine How is the Speaker elected?
Sixteen How many times is a bill read in parliament?
Twice There are two main committees, the Legislative Committee and the ________ Committee.
Thiry-two What is the green book called in Parliament?
SecretBallot While Members of Parliament are speaking the Mace is placed on two_______ ________.
RasiedBrackets What position in the Goverment does Peter Beattie hold?
Green What is the symbol of authority of the Parliament?
Mace How many Members, excluding the Speaker, is the quorum for a sitting of the Legislative Assembly?
Premeir What is the colour of the carpet in the Legislative Assembly Chamber?
TheGovernor Who leads the Members and Speaker to Chamber?
Three How many Members does the present Parliment have?
Four Who are the Government's political opponents?

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