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United States Cabinet

Mike Lloreda

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Michael Chertoff George Washington's Secretary of War
Congress The cabinet is viewed as a part of the president's ______ family.
advisory Cabinet members can be fired by the ______.
declined Lyndon Johnson named hte first African American department secretary ____________.
President President _______ had never met his secretary of defense and secretary of treasury before he appointed them.
Thomas Jefferson Cabinet members can also be impeached or removed from office by ______.
political Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed the first ______ to the cabinet.
shuffled George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury
President Current Secretary of Homeland Security
official George Washington's Secretary of State
Constitution The cabinet is intended to serve as an ______ body to the president.
Robert Weaver The term "Cabinet" does not appear in the U.S. _______.
Senate Most cabinet members are leaders in the field of ______, industry, law, science, and education.
Henry Knox The ______ usually cooperates in the appointment process of Cabinet members.
administrative Current Secretary of State
secretaries In recent years, the Cabinet has generally ______ in relevance as a policy making body.
President The Cabinet is also important in the presidential line of _______.
Alexander Hamilton Cabinet _______ earn $151,800 per year.
Kennedy In recent years the __________ has risen to a high level of significance.
Ford The selection of a president's cabinet is largely a ______ process.
Secretary of Homeland Security Since President ______, every president's cabinet has included women and African Americans.
Condoleezza Rice It is important that appointees have high-level ______ skills and experience.
woman The _______ chooses the fifteen Cabinet Secretaries.
succession Cabinet members are rarely _______.
agriculture The secretary of ______ is usually from a farm state.

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