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Legislative Vocabulary

Mr. Magolis

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Constituents The political party with fewer members in Congress
Apportionned The Vice President of the United States serves as the prsiding officer of the Senate
Bicameral Any special interest group that tries to influence congressmen
Appropriations To end a session or meeting.
President Pro Tempore A series of meetings.
Adjourn Bills dealing with money
Bill The length of time an elected offical serves.
Elastic Clause People who live in the Congressmen's home state or district
Majority Party To distribute (Congress divides seats based on population, uses census data)
President of the Senate To mail official letters free
Speaker of the Hosue The political party that has more members in congress.
Session A small group of lawmakers. (Where most of the work is done).
Immunity To have legal protection while performing official duties (unless it is a serious crime)
Unicameral Two House Legislature
Committee Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution allows congress stretch the delegated powers when necessary for the national interest.
Term A plan or proposal for a law.
Franking Privileage The presiding officer of the House of Representatives
Lobby To formally accuse a government official of serious crime. ( only done by the House of Representatives.
Minority Party One House Legislature
Impeachment The officer who presides over the Senate when the vice President is not there

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