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Grayson's Term Sheet Crossword


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natural resource metals and other minerals that cannot be replaced once they are used up
fossil fuels way of life
renewable resource highly developed culture, usually with organized religion and laws
free enterprise country in the process of becoming industrialized
socialism number of deaths each year for every 1,000 people
service industry farm that produces only enough to support a family's needs
urbanization measure of quality of life based on income and material possessions
standard of living economic system in which goverment sets economic goals and may own some businesses
hydroelectric power percentage of adults in a society who can read and write
developed country power produced by the heat of the sun
emigrate tendency of a country's people to move from rural areas to cities
pollution to move from one's native country to another country
refugee person who has had to flee to another country for safety from disaster or danger
developing country number of children born each year for every 1,000 people
famine average number of people living in a square mile or square kilometer
culture business that provides services to people rather than producing goods
acid rain process by which knowledge and skills spread from one area to another
pesticide chemical used to kill insects and other pests
demographer lack of food, affecting a large number of people
cultural diffusion precipitation in which water carries large amounts of chemicals, especially sulfuric acid
literacy rate anything from the natural environment that people use to meet their needs
birth rate resource that is placed naturally or can be grown quickly
nonrenewable resource country that is industrialized rather than agricultural
solar energy basis of a market economy in which people start and run businesses to make a profit with little government intervention
language family scientist who studies population
population density electric power generated by falling water
subsistence farming group of languages that comes from a common ancestor
death rate group of nonrenewable mineral resources-coal, oil, natural gas- formed in the eath's crust from plant and animal remains
civilization putting impure or poisonous substances into land, water, or air

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