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AP Psychology

Anterograde Amnesia Features of consciousness at any instant
Consciousness Mental events that are actively kept out of consciousness
priming totally removed from conscious awareness
unconscious level Theorized that some mental processes occur without awareness
materialism Mental events that are out of awareness but can be easily brought back
Nonconscious leve Awareness of the outside world and of ones own mental processes
state of consciousness Represent the mind as simulataneously processing many parallel streams of information which are somehow bound together by reciprocal interactions to create a unitary experience of consciousness
Preconscious Level An approach to understanding the mind body problem that suggests that the mind and brain are different entities
hippocampus The area of the brain affected by anterograde amnesia
PDP models perpertual experiences that occur in the absence of sensory stimuli
conscious level The inability to form new memories
Dualism Mental events that you are aware of
Hallucinations The level of mental activity that influecnes consciousness but is not conscious
Freud A finding in which exposure to a stimulus at time 1 influences responding to a related stimulus at time 2
Prosopagnosia Suggests that the mind is the brain and that a brain's nerve cells create consciousness
subconscious Cannot consciously recognize faces

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