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The Experimental Method

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Researcher bias An experiment in strictly controlled conditions
Null hypothesis to make clear what is being measured
Hawthorne effect predicts that there wil be no difference when IV is manipulated or that it is due to chance
Experimental hypothesis predicts the exact result of the manipulation of the IV on the DV
Confounding variables researchers do not control variables in this type of experiment
Dependent variable the variable directly manipulated by the experimenter in an experiment
natural experiment the extent to which the experimental situation represents the real world
Independent variable When people act differently because they are in an experiment
double blind control variable measured after manipulation of the IV
field experiment the purpose of the experiment
Control condition When participants guess aim of experiment and change their behaviour
laboratory experiment when the experimenter is influenced by what they expect to see
Single blind control An experiement conducted in a real world setting where experimenters manipulate the variables
aim when participant and researcher don't know what the experiment is about
Demand characteristics when participants don't know what the study is about
operationalize A point of comparison for the experiemental condition
Ecological validity undesirable influences on the IV/DV relationship

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