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Psychology: Ch 15 Gender

Christie Hoskins

Psychology: A Modular Approach to Mind

multiple Female Chromosome
Gender Identity These are the sexual characteristics that refer to superficial physical features that appear at puberty in response to hormonal changes.
orientation different kinds of sexual activity occur more _____ in societies that place fewer restrictions on sexual behavior
genetic When fighting your goal should not be to _____ the fight
Gender self stimulation or ______ would be considered a sign of normal sexual development as early as the age of three
retarded ejaculation when we save up all our feelings and complaints and then "dump" them during an argument, we are _____
Win These are the sexual characteristics that refers to the sexual reproductive organs themselves (vagina, ovaries,
Secondary female _____ is considered to be the most prevalent sexual complaint found among women
drugs 15% of women have ______ orgasms
Communication third level of sexual response (a climax
masturbating it is reported that men may experience all four stages of sexual response in as little as ____ minutes
frequently It is these sexual _____ that determine when and where we are likely to express sexual feelings and with whom
teenagers Second level of sexual response (physical arousal intensifies)
Identity sexual _____ refers to your degree of emotional and erotic attraction to members of the same, opposite, or both sex(es)
gonadal means "man-woman"
resolution the sex glands that secrete male
intercourse sexual _____ is when a person feels fear, anxiety or even disgust at the very thought of engaging in sex
rapists forcible rape is consdered to be more _____ than sexual in nature
socialization This dimension of sex refers to (XX or XY) Chromosomes
attacking Of the five dimensions of sex, four are _____ in nature
scripts female hormones
XX throughout adulthood, this type of norms influence what is considered to be "normal" sexual behavior
roles the declining differences between male and female scholastic tests scores, is most likely the result of increasing similiarity in gender role _____
squeeze This dimension of sex refers to the presence of ovaries or testes
orgasmic disorder This refers to psychological and social traits associated with male or female
plateau Because gender _____ are so different from culture to culture, there is very few, if any, inborn or "natural" differences between the sexes
Sex restrictions placed on sexual behavior by cultural norms are often somewhat ________
dyspareunia This refers to whether you are Biologically Female or Male
Gonads male hormones
hormonal this relates to the occurance of muscle spasms of the vagina during intercourse
marriage is considered to be the ultimate safe sexual behavior
androgyny male orgasmic disorder is also known as _____
four Intimacy
erectile boys are encouraged to engage in this type of behavior
estrogens the argument for androgyny is that individuals have higher adaptability
genital in a college study that had college men read 1/3 stories depicting either voluntary intercourse, stranger rape, or date rape, males high in gender role stereotyping had arousal patterns similiar to those found amoung actual ______!
arbitrary 90% of women reach orgasm when masturbating
Primary Sandra Bem beleives that this occurs when both males
preadolescent abstinence, having sex with one mutually unifected partneer, and not injecting ____ are all methods of safe sexual behavior
instrumental this relates to a sexual pain disorder in which genital pain occurs before, during, or after sexual intercourse
aversion Masters
excitement Research where baby female rats recieved large doses of androgens, revealed that as adults these rats had abnormal mating and mothering patterns; this indicates then that there is a biological biasing effect in gender _____
masturbation This dimension refers to a non-biological part of a person's sexual makeup; it is instead their subjective sense of being male or female
expressive in relation to intimacy
vaginismus fourth
XY 1/3 women do NOT experience orgasm in the first year of ______
flexibility Gender Roles
erogenous these zones include the genitals, mouth, breasts, ear, anus, and to a lesser degree, the entire surfact of the skin
development this male disorder was was commonly referred to as impotence
optimal adjustment masturbation or self stimulation, should be considered a healthy substitute for sexual involvement in _____
cultural girls are encourgaed to engage in this type of behavior
brutal 30% of women regularly reach orgasm through this alone
gunnysacking 25% of females
abstinence this technique used as treatment for premature ejaculation, is also known as the "stop-start" method
biological First level of sexual response (initial signs of arousal)
viagra Male erctile disorder is often treated with this commonly known drug
Androgens scoring high in this is related to high self esteem and success in varied situations
orgasm This dimension of sex refers to the predominance of androgens or estrogens
masculinity Male Chromosome
Johnson This dimension refers of sex to the presence of a clitoris

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