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Informational Processing

Gregory Moss-Brown

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The Serial Position Effect Spreading out rehearsal over time
Retreival Rehearsal beyond the point where it has been learned
Spacing Effect Encoding Images
One is a bun two is a shoe and so on Enhanced semantic encoding of information that is personaly relevant
Context Effect Iconic Store
Encoding Sounds Using our senses to encode information as long as it takes to make meaning
Cramming A means of Organizing information into groups
Practice makes Permanant The process of getting information out of the memory system
Visual Encoding The Ecoding of Meaning
Storage Unconscious Encoding
Encoding Holds Auditory sensory information for 3-4 seconds
Storage The 1st stage og information processing
Hermann Ebbinghaus Pioneer in Memory Studies
Working Memory Rehearsal
Memory of Facts and Experiences The retention of information over time
Holds Visual Sensory Information Peg Word System
Fill in the blank test Massed Rehearsal
Sensory Memory Short Term Memory
Method of Loci Implicit Memories
Relatively Permanant Memory Explicit Memory
Memories of a car accident A Mnemonic device that associated things to remember with imaginary places
Distributed Rehearsal Flashbulb Memory
Overlearning Acoustic Encoding
Self Reference Effect Recognition
Automatic Processing Tendency to recall 1st and last items in a list
Multiple choice test Retention of Information-the core of memory
Memory Trick Mnemonic Device
Echoic Store Retreiving information when you are in an environment similar to the one in which you encoded the information
How to ride a bicycle Long Term Memory
Semantic Encoding Recall
Conscious Encoding Effortful Processing
Chunking Distributed practice yields better retention than massed rehearsal

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