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Psychological disorders

Aaron Howard

A puzzle exploring the many forms of psychological disorder within the human mind

mutism A personality trait characterized largely by persistent anxiety
schizophrenia Persistent belief that one is ill despite lack of medical findings.
claustrophobia ________ personality disorder: characterized by social withdrawal.
neuroticism Fear of open, crowded places
paranoid A psychotic disorder characterized by loss of control of thought processes and innappropriate emotional responses
compulsion The central feature of ___________ _______ disorder is persistent anxiety
amnesia ________ personality disorder: A disorder in which a person appears to have two or more distinct identities or personalities that may alternately emerge.
multiple _______ disorder: a disorder in which the mood alternates between extreme poles (elation and depression).
agoraphobia ___________ schizophrenia: characterized nu striking motor impairment.
delusions _________ personality disorder: characterized by persistent suspiciousness.
cataconic refusal to talk
acrophobia Dissociative _______ : A disorder marked by loss of memory or self-identity
hypochondriasis An recurring thought or image that seems beyond control
hallucination An abrupt attack of acute anxiety that is not triggered by a specific object or situation
panic disorder An irresistable urge to repeat an act or engage in ritualistic behavior like hand washing
generalized anxiety Fear of tight or enclosed places
obsession A perception in the absence of sensory stimulation that is confused with reality.
bipolar False, persistent beliefs that are unsubstained by sensory or objective evidence.
personality ___________ disorder: an enduring pattern of maladaptive behavior that are sources of distress to the individual or others.
schizoid Fear of heights

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