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Psychology Review - Chapters 1

Mr. Cawley

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placebo This person founded a field of psychology known as structuralism.
Negative This perspective addresses the impact of ethnicity, gender, culture, socioeconomic status on behavior and mental processes.
hypothesis (hyphenated word) A study in which neither participants nor experimenters are aware of who has received the treatment.
double-blind Standards for proper and responsible behavior.
cognitive Subgroups in the population are represented proportionally in the sample.
psychoanalytic The best social studies teacher I have had so far.
Cawley This perspective on psychology stresses the importance of self-awareness and the capacity to make choices.
humanistic In this type of correlation, as one goes up, the other goes down.
replication "Looking within."
reinforcement This man (last name) was concerned with how mental processes help organisms adapt to their environment (functionalism).
James People give this type of consent when agreeing to participate in research.
Wundt Private mental processes
sociocultural In this type of correlation, as one goes up, so does the other.
stratified This approach to psychology stresses the influence of unconscious forces on human behavior.
independent A substance that has no effect apart from a person's belief in it.
survey This is the variable (factor) that researchers manipulate so they can determine its effect.
ethics In an experiment, this group does not receive the treatment.
counseling If you are rewarded for performing an action, you are more likely to perform that action again in the future.
control This type of psychologist treats people with adjustment problems rather than serious psychological disorders.
Positive This type of psychologist studies the changes that occur throughout the lifespan.
informed In this type of observation, the researcher studies people or animals in their natural habitats without them knowing it.
theory This perspective on psychology emphasizes how people process information (thoughts, perceptions).
cognitive Statement that attempts to explain why things are they way they are.
introspection An educated guess.
longitudinal Founder of the school of behaviorism
Watson Researchers select a group of participants and then observe those participants over a period of time.
naturalistic For the findings of a study to be confirmed, it must be repeated and give the same results.
developmental People are asked to respond to a series of questions about a particular subject.

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