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Christie Hoskins

Ch. 10 Psychology: A Modular Approach to Mind

homeostasis self actualization is labeled as a _____need
achievement unfortunately because boys learn to suppress their emotional expressions, the only emotion they can freely express is
secondary extrinsic motivation stems from obvious _____rewards
Robert Plutchik Plutchik states that primary _______ can be mixed to yield a third, more comples emotion
taste aversion these emotions are processed in the left hemisphere of the brain
sympathetic rather than starving themselves, individuals suffering from this eat excessively (gorge) and then follow the act by induced vomiting and/or taking laxatives (purging)
Maslow who is responsible for coining and defining growth and meta- needs?
farther this is when the body monitors
external this part of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for calming and restoring the body and conserving energy after "fight or flight mode".
Stimulus in a study on preferred body shape,women with abnormal eating habits rated their body shape as being WHAT? from their ideal weight than normal women did
fun these motives are based on LEARNED needs, drives, and goals
Schachter this theory suggests that performance on tasks is best when the Arousal is appropriate to the Difficulty of the task
Primary Men are often more apt than women to freely express anger
Bulimia nervosa this small area at the base of the brain (NOT the stomach) is what regulates hunger
primary motives these motives are based on pure biological needs
yey If I have a desire to excel or meet some internal standard of excellence, my motto might be "Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well". I obviously have a high need for______
Yerkes-Dodson Law Surprise, disgust, anger
hostility Yey or Ney....it is possible to have positive and negative emotions at the same time?
emotions According to the text, thirst, sex,
polygraphs when stimulas drives, the study on monkeys stated that they quickley learn to solve mechanical puzzles (such as interlocking metal pins, hooks,
anger Maslow says that these are needs of expression fro self-actualization could contain perfection, justice, beauty, and many more
negative lie detectors or ________ measure GSR (Galvanic Skin Response "sweating"), blood pressure, and breathing rate
Anorexia nervosa this devastating disease occurs when individuals (mostly adolescent females
meta-needs According to Plutchiks theory of primary emotions joy
growth these emotions are processed in the right hemisphere of the brain
Guilt these motives are based on drives for information, exploration, manipulation, and sensory input
parasympathetic Whose cognitive theory of emotion explains that emotions occur when physical arousal is labeled or interpreted on the basis of experience and situational cues?
hypothalamus responsible for fight or flight, the symptoms of which would cause your heart to race, the hair on your arms to stand on end, and your palms to sweat
positive this is an active dislike for a particular food that can occur if the food causes sickness OR if it is associated with nausea (such as when the drugs chemo patients take cause them to be nauseated)

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