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Mrs. Rael

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Confidentiality Willingness to accept an obligation or be held accountable for an action
Discrimination Variety; the positive result of different people working together
Attitude Putting up an emotional guard against negative opinion
Initiative Doing what needs to be done without being told
Prejudice A willingness to work well with everyone
Professionalism An unjustifiable negative attitude toward a person or group
Constructive criticism Criticism that is presented in a way that can help you learn and grow
Diversity Confidently presenting yourself and your abilities
Responsibility The keeping of secrets from people who are not supposed to know them
Punctual Handling problems and criticism gracefully and maturely
Assertiveness Being on time
Ethics A problem solving strategy for settling disputes
Etiquette Eagerness; a strong interest in something
Integrity One's outlook on life
Cooperativeness Following a strict code of conduct or standard of values
Defensiveness Unequal treatment based on such factors as race, religion, etc.
Enthusiasm Having good manners
Conflict resolution The principals of conduct that govern a group or society

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