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Karen Bulkley

Get to know the facts about sleepwalking by filling out this fun puzzle.

breathing What stage of sleep does sleepwalking occur?
Environment The test you use to see if you sleepingwalk?
somnambulism Sleepwalkers can do _____________ behaviors.
polysomnograph Sleepwalking is repeated episodes of _______ activity.
injury Common treatment for children?
one A natural trigger for sleepwalking episode?
Children What age is sleepwalking common for?
GABA 5-15 minutes.
complex Sleepwalking development is commonly ________.
motor A way of dealing with stress and anxiety to prevent sleepwalking
NREM If sleepwalking persist to ___________, you will likely have it for a lifetime.
US military Common gender for sleepwalking
maturity Episodes per night?
stress Relaxation exersize
length Insufficient chemical messanger for kids
adulthood Forbidden occupation for sleepwalkers?
awake Do not ___________ a sleepwalker.
male A hazard of sleepwalking
counseling What do you change to keep the sleepwalker safe?
genetic Sleepwalking medical term.

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