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Psychology Ch 16 Social Behavior

Christie Hoskins

Psychology: A Modular Approach to Mind

Empathetic Arousal This occurs when someone makes a request so large that once denied the next smaller request seems reasonable (big to small)--(hyphenated term)
Aronson This hyphenated word is the process of revealing or sharing one's thoughts, feelings,
Attribution We know this best as "peer pressure", but essentially it occurs when a person's beavior is induced by the presence or actions of others
Cognitive Dissonance When as observers, we attribute the behaviors of others to their needs,
Compliance This occurs when responsibility is spread among several people.
Humans Mrs. Keech
Bystander Apathy Group _____ refers to the network, communication pathways, and power in such organized groups as the army, a college, or even an atheletic team.
Self-disclosure This person stated that the failure of integration in schools lay mainly in the competitive nature of the schools.
Individuating The weapons effect is an example of an _____ agression cue.
Door-in-the-face A major step towards _____ involves sharing private thoughts
Lucky According to Latane
Konrad Lorenz in order to minimize the negative impact of TV on children, the text gives several ways _____ can act as TV Guides.
External By asking someone in our class, "How did you do on that last exam?" or "Do you think the teacher is making it harder than it has to be?", we are engaging in _____ _____; comparing our own actions, feelings, opinions, or abilities to those of others.
High This is the expected behavior patterns associated with particular social positions (Such as the role of mother, daughter, boss, employee, etc).
Assertiveness In the classis telephone booth experiment, 77% of people only returned $ to those researchers who were _____ _____. This is becase the considered them to be a person of higher status.
Intergroup Conflict These type of goals exceed or overide other lesser goals. An example can be seen in the 9/11 tragedy which brought together people from "all walks of life".
Actor-observer Bias Develops mainly due to mass media.
Overlearning This process occurs when we make inferences about the causes of our own behaviors, and that of others.
Frustration Group _____ refers to the degree of attratciont among the group members and could be increased by friendly organizational competitions.
Friendship A tactic often used by political parties that make a small request first and then later follow up with a larger request (small to big)--(hyphenated term)
Competition A deliberate attempt to change attitudes or beliefs with information
Diffusion of Responsibility In this person's study of romantic love, it was found that those who scored "high" on the love scale spent more time looking into each other's eyes than did "low-scoring" couples. This mutual gazing then =Love
Mean worldview When costs are _____
Well Dressed This can be effectively reduced by emergencies that require the cooperation of both groups.
Self-fulfilling This is the only animal, that once one opponent shows submission, the other often still does not demonstrate mercy.
Social Role This gives equal status to different ethnic, racial,
Interpersonal Attraction This occurs when a person has a prejudice and then acts upon that emotion.
Inhibited This "prophecy" prompts people to act in ways that make the expectation come true.
Superordinate This occurs when you feel some of another person's pain, fear, or anguish.
Attitude Is the emotional attitude one has towards a group or a member of a specific social group.
Discrimination It seems that _____ _____ is based upon such things as Physical Attractiveness (we assume attractive=intelligent
Milgram This emotion may often lead to a state of "learned helplessness".
Social Comparison Rehearsing, Role-Play,
Jigsaw Aronson created this type of classromm, which required cooperation among students, in order for the group as a whole to succeed.
Persuasion This person along with othe ethologists, believes that aggression is a biologically rooted behavior observed in all animals.
Cohesiveness This person is responsible for "Learning" experiment held at Yale University.
Cults Involves 3 components; belief, emotional,
Multiculturalism The first step in this type of training has to do with realizing you have the right to refuse, to request, and to right a wrong.
Prejudice In televised violence, 73% of violent characters go _____.
Social Influence This has to do with situations in which one person bends to the requests of another person who has little or no authority.
Unpunished Social _____ or rivalry among groups (each of which considers themselves to be superior to the other), is Not a way to reduce intergroup prejudices.
Rubin These beliefs hold that people generally get exactly what they deserve, which is why people who have this point of view rarely have tolerant views.
Structure This is the unwillingness of bystanders to offer help during emergencies.
Parents According to the double standard that applies to ability, men are often attributed success due to skill, while women are just _____
Foot-in-the-door This type of information helps define a person as an individual, rather than as a member of a group or social category.
Just-world Forced attitude change includes, brainwashing and _____

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