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Katrina McDonald

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antidepressants program used to educate about suicide before someone becomes suicidal
youngadult age group which suicide is probably higher then though but not always investigated
psychological number one cause for suicide
euthanasia medication used to treat depression
egoism factors that may lead to suicide
attempted autopsy used durring suicide investigation
firearms a decision that lasts...
teen age group wtih high suicide rate
children people who destroy self by drugs, alcohol, smoking and reckless living
intervention you can call when feeling suicidal
pain age group with high suicide rate
males medically assisted suicide
Anomie gender with higher attempted suicide rate
psychological lack of intergration causes this type of suicide
forever Some people leave a suicide....before comiting suicide
depression the aim of suicide is to end all.....
postvention type of suicide used as a way out of sufffering
escape lack of regulation causes this type of suicide
cryforhelp suicide model by Emily Durkheim
chronic suicide care for all survivors of suicide
prevention suicide model by Sigmund Freud
females short term care for those experiancing suicidal crisis
letter type of suicid with aim of eliminating problem or force change in situation
sociological suicide that is not fatal
risk top method of suicide in the US
hotline gender more likely to die from suicide attempt

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