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Professor McCreary

Terms and definitions Chapter 1-8

dyslexia first word in SMART
kinesthetic physical and psychological response to outside stimuli
selfawareness driving force which helps achieve goals
chronological this type of reading means you are fully engaged
dean active in the world
maturity one method for reducing stress
values good for reviewing sources for term papers
scanning another word for accountability
aural details arranged by dates
worm judgment based on stereotyping
prejudice last word in SMART
timely an oversimplified opinion of someone
priority learner who learns by
goal important at a particular moment
stress a type of virus
cornell understanding your self
voluntary college administrator responsible for faculty
money requires you to read the first and last paragraphs
honesty performing more than one task at a time
stereotype foundation for other components of college
motivation necessity for basic needs in college
active learner who learns by listening
discrimination characteristic of college
read ways in which you learn
learningstyles a declaration based on values
overview the o in OK5R
procrastination a neurological disorder associated with reading
missionstatement action based on stereotyping
specific important component to learning
visualization part of your belief system
skimming putting things off
extravert target or an objective
mandatory one of the Rs in OK5R
visual learner who learns from touching
responsibility characteristic of high school
multitasking another name for T note system

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