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Psychology Final


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Crystallized Group success
direct punishment medical doctor, prescribes meds
Cognitive Participants receive no level of the IV
Reliable deals with unconscious dynamis with the individual
Bandura Non-manipulative study of relationships
Independent Variable Rather than having something set, it moves around
Falsifiable founder of IQ test
Humanist people tend to disassociate themselves from others
Parsimony an unorganized set of principles used to explain phenomena
Valid experimental method
Vicarious Reinforcement Measures what it intends to measure
drastic schema only one type of intelligence
Deliberate Results almost anyone can obtain
Dependent Variable Thinking actions/idea through
collectivistic Parents Living through Kids
modeling simplest explanations for results
fluid classifying according to how similar it is to the typical.
Observational Method Paticipants are given some level of the IV
Replicable We tend to only use as much info as we need._____ Miser
intelligence inconsistant info. Attracts more attention.
Behavioral testable statement or prediction
Spearmen's G Doctoral Degree, no meds
Psychiatrist 8 unrelated Intelligences
Control Condition Must produce the same results everytime
Experimental Condition natural selection, adaption
Correlation Method depends on culture
vicarious punishment the variable whose effect is being studied or manipulated
how x effects y Father Figure of Observational Learning
individualistic How bodily events/genetics affect human behavior
hypothesis basing judgement on the ease of which it can be gotten.
Representativeness focus on positive growth. Free-will within humans
Theory How the environment effects the persons actions
evolutionary shortcuts used to make judgements quick
judgemental schema learning from others mistakes
Operational what goes on in peoples minds
availability A definition that specifies procedures used to do something
Psychologist Details,case study, survey,
Biological Using familiar solutions and applying
Sociocultural the behavior/attitude being measured
Psychodynamic Imitating the behavior of others
Binet focus on the individual
Gardners Fast Decisions
Spontaneous we can at least imagin contradictory evidence
cognitive focus on social cultural forces outside individual

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