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Bhagavad-gita As It Is Glossary Crossword

Rukmini-Devi dasi

Glossary Crossword

Maya inconceivable
sarasvati mother of Arjuna. Also called Prtha
Krishna a sage or self-realized soul
kurus sacrifice
Acarya demigod who punishes sinful living entities
vidya demigoddess in charge of learning
sanatana supreme enjoyer
Kunti younger brother of Dhrtarastra's who died early
Yasoda planet
lila illusion
Parampara knowledge
Yajna eternal
sannyasa disciplic succession
Yamaraja the four vedic scriptures
mukti holy man, devotee
samadhi spiritual master who teaches by his own example
Gandiva form
acyuta Lord Krishna's foster mother
ksetra wife of Lord Ramacandra
ananda pastime
Pandu liberation
vikarma one of the four ages of the universe
sastra great devotee in form of plant
vedas the 100 sons of Dhrtarastra
japa soft chanting of the holy name of God
loka unauthorized or sinful work
mayavadi field of activities, body of conditioned soul
Narayana name of Arjuna's bow
muni Supreme Personality of Godhead
Tulasi trance
Sadhu revealed scripture
Sita four handed expansion of the Supreme Lord Krishna
Purusam renounced order of life
acintya transcendental bliss
vigraha infallible
Yuga impersonalist

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