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Block 1 Homework

Complete the puzzle using your textbook. Due next class.

Pali Spiritual leader of Vajrayana Buddhism
Vajrayana Second of Four Noble Truths
Dharma The Buddhist community of monks and nuns
Nirvana Focuses on the earliest texts and emphasizes monastic lifestyle
Dukkha The fourth of the Four Noble Truths
Mandalas The Buddhist doctrine denying a permanent self
Sangha The teachings of the Buddha and one of the Three Jewels of Buddhism
Mudras The first of the Four Noble Truths
Middle Way The central teachings of Buddhism
Mahayana Choreographed hand movements used in the rituals of Vajrayana Buddhism
Anatta The moral law of cause and effect of actions; determines the nature of one's rebirth
Anicca A Basic Buddhist teaching that rejects both the pleasures of sensual indulgence and the self-denial of asceticism
Noble Eightfold Path One who has become enlighted.
Theravada Wheel of rebirth
Five Precepts Characteristics that summarize the changing nature of reality
Arhat Basic moral requirements that are binding for all Buddhists
Three Marks of Existence Largest of Buddhism's three divisions
Bodhisattvas Buddha's diamond scepter, emphasizes the harnessing of sensual energies to attain nirvana
Mantras Siddhartha Guatama and all others who have by their own insight attained perfect enlightenment
Buddha An ancient languge of India; used in the writing of the earliest Buddhist texts.
Samsara The Buddhist doctrine that all existent things are always changing.
Karma The ultimate goal of Buddhists
Dalai Lama Patterned icons that visually excite
Tanha Phrases or syllables chanted to evoke a deity or to enhance meditation
Four Noble Truths Future Buddhas. Experience enlightenment but stop before nirvana to help others reach enlightenment.

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