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LAW founder of Christianity
BUDDHA spiritual teacher/leader of Judaism
ABRAHAM Muslims address God with this title
WAY founder of Buddhism
GURU founder of Islam
SUNDAY sacred writing of Hindus
NANAK belief in one God
QURAN sacred scripture of Christians
NIRVANA large engraved Sikh bracelet with sacred mantra
TEMPLE a Buddhist achieves this when he no longer suffers delusions of self
FRIDAY the pope lives in this city
SIKHISM Sikhs are forbidden to cut this
ALLAH spiritual leader of the Sikhs
REINCARNATION Most sacred place of worship of Jews
KARA the roots of our Catholic faith are found in God's invitation to this person
CHANUKKAH Sikh scripture called Sri Guru Granth _____
GAUTAMA a symbol of the Jewish faith, a 7-branched candleabrum
MECCA belief in or worship of more than one god
YAHWEH the heart and summit of the Catholic faith
POLYTHEISM Jews believe in this one, true, God
VEDA Muslims say their prayers facing this city
DHARMA Truth or Reality in Buddhist terms
EUCHARIST numerous individual sites for Jewish worship
JUDAISM youngest of the 5 major world religions (excude Sikhism)
MUHAMMAD holy book of Islam
SALVATION a 9- branched menorah
HAIR the Noble Path of Buddhists called the Middle ____
BIBLE Religion of the Israelites
HINDUISM sacred prayer of the Jewish people
SYNAGOGUE Jewish day of worship
ISLAM holy book of Judaism
VATICAN transmigration of souls
SABBATH a divine source of all life for Hindus
BRAHMAN Christian day of worship
HINDU in Islam, this is the day reserved for worship
TORAH the first 5 Books of the Old Testament are known as Torah or
GANGES Religion born from Hinduism and Islam
MENORAH Guru Founder of Sikhism
MONOTHEISM Hindus believe that this is achieved when you are freed from endless rebirths
SHEMA oldest of the 5 major world Religion
SAHIB for Hindus the cycle of life is tied to this sacred river
PROTESTANT means one from India;
JESUS a reform movement born from Catholicism
RABBI the enlightened one

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