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gods and goddess'

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Ceres goddess of the dawn
Eurus Ruler of the Sea
Vulcan goddess of flowers
Voluptas goddess of love and beauty
Flora god of war
Vesta god of health
Juventus goddess of knowledge
Priapus goddess of spring
Venus goddess of victory
Pluto god of fire
Aescuoapius Lord of Sky, gods, thunder
Persipina goddess of fortune
Sol god of good beginnings
Favonius goddess of the hearth and home
Apollo god of flocks and sheep
Lucifer god of light bearing
Jupiter goddess of persuasion
Somnus god of discord
Auster goddess of pleasure
Victoria Known as Hera in Greece
Pales god of south wind
Aquilo lesser goddess of war
Bellona god of love
Discordia god of the sun
Suadela god of north wind
Priapus god of sleep
Juno god of the Underworld
Neptune god of sun, truth, and music
Diana goddess of the moon
Bacchus goddess of harvest
Mercury god of east wind
Janus strenghtener of cattle
Termiinus god of merriment
Mars cause of fertility
Minerva hunter in chief
Luna guardian of boundaries
Cupid god of west wind
Aurora god of youth
Faunus god of commerce, messenger of Jupiter
Fortuna god of fertility

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