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Elizabeth Di Zenzo

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Yoga the preserver god
forestdweller spiritual guide
Atman most popular scripture
samsara illusion of separateness
Maya trance-like state in which self consciousness is lost
moksha law of consequences
Guru end of the cycle of reincarnation
Untouchables stage of life marked by birth of first grandchild
BhagavadGita those outside the caste system
Puja Hindu rituals
Samadhi stage of life for forest dwellers who are ready to return to society
Shiva reincarnation
Vishnu the creator god
sannyasin incarnation of a deity
Brahmin the destroyer god
Karma the presence of Brahman within the individual
Holi The only reality
Brahma the duty that one must fulfill to achieve moksha
Avatar highest of the four classes of the caste system
Dharma holy city
Brahman spring festival
Benares spiritual practice

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