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Mrs. Allen

Polytheistic Religions

yoga country with highest Hindu population
lotus homeland of the Dalai Lama
brahma Buddhist place of worship
nirvana led India in nonviolent resistance against British rule
india "the Enlightened One"; formerly called Prince Gautama
temple leader of Tibetan Buddhism
reincarnation belief in more than one god
nepal number of Noble Truths
gandhi effect of person's good or bad actions and conduct
vishnu according to Buddha this is the root of suffering
dalai lama chants
vedas Hindu custom at death
four eternal cycle of birth
caste system Pariahs
untouchables Hindu exercise
mantras goal of all Buddhists; release from reincarnation
ganges The Destroyer from the Hindu Trinity
karma The Preserver from the Hindu Trinity
tibet social class order
shiva The Creator from the Hindu Trinity
cremation sacred Hindu river
desire Buddhist flower symbol
polytheism birthplace of the Buddha
buddha Hindu holy books

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