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Muhammad and the spread of Islam

M. Hafer

This crossword puzzle concerns the formation of Islam as well as its spread throughout Eurasia and Africa

Saladin The pilgrimage that all able-bodied Muslim men are to make once during their lifetime.
Scheherezade According to Islam, Jesus was this sort of person.
Constantinople Famous Muslim warrior who fought against Richard the Lionhearted.
Sunni This is the city where Muhammad was born.
Moors Muslims are required to do this 5 times every day.
Mecca These wars were reactions to the Muslim conquest of much of Africa, Asia and Europe.
Muhammad Africans who invaded Spain and Portugal.
Arabic Another name for the Turks.
Hajj Pope Urban II offered these rewards to Christians who fought in holy wars against Muslims.
Faith Thought the leaders of Islam MUST be descended from Muhammad.
Indulgences The fictional princess who narrate THE ARABIAN NIGHTS.
Shiites This group killed most of the family of Muhammad and is hated by Shiites to this day because of this.
Crusades According to tradition, this angel brought revelations to Muhammad.
Hijra The language of the Qur'an and in mosques.
Prophet This great city fell to the Turks in 1453.
Gabriel The Declaration of ___________ says "there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet".
Pray The journey from the city of his birth to Medina is designated the year 1 among Muslims.
Ramadan A month of fasting.
Ottomans Muslims do NOT worship this man but see him as Allah's greatest prophet.

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